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Extend the reach of your staff and products beyond the store.

Engage local consumers via popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Google's Business Messages, Facebook Messenger and Web Chat from one easy-to-use application.

All In One Messaging App For Retail Stores
Google my business messaging for retailers

Boost footfall by digitally engaging local consumers showing intent to buy.

Consumers are constantly searching for your stores and products. Ensure they visit by empowering stare staff to entice them into the store and making it easy for them to ask questions directly from Google search results, your website and even flyers.

Drive conversions by bringing the store experience to customers digitally

Send video and audio files via WhatsApp or Messenger to showcase products and answer queries efficiently. Store staff can build rapport with customers and find out what their needs are, which helps them close more sales.

Store Staff Can Respond To Customers Via Video
Store Staff Can Respond To Customers Via Video

Increase customer loyalty by resolving complaints and handling feedback OOST CUSTOMER LOYALTY

Optimise Complaint Resolution

Complaints are golden opportunities to boost customer loyalty. ServiceDock listens for mentions of your brand on social platforms like Twitter, as well as handling direct complaints via messaging.

Wow customers by having store managers respond to complaints about their store in real-time using the ServiceDock app.


Capture Customer Details

Many customers visit or contact your stores every week.

The digital touch points we create with offline customers help you capture customer emails, build social audiences and drive app downloads or loyalty card signups. Use these channels to drive repeat purchases both on offline and online.

Capturing offline customer details for marketing purposes
Digital touchpoints with offline customers
Customer service software designed for retail chains


Get More Done with Fewer People

Stores tend to have busy spells and quiet spells.

Directing queries to store staff increases their productivity during quieter spells and can free up head office staff to concentrate on marketing activities or even facilitate a reduction in head count.

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