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How Messaging Apps Can Drive Retail Sales During a Pandemic

  We hosted a webinar on the 6th of August entitled “How Messaging Apps Can Help Drive Retail Sales During a Pandemic”. We got excellent feedback from attendees so we decided to publish the entire webinar here. In it, we cover how messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can be used by retailers to connect to boost footfall and sales in their stores by digitally connecting store staff to the local community. We also introduce Google’s Business Messages, which is going to drive the move to store-specific messaging by making it easy for consumers to message stores directly from Google search results. The webinar is only 33 minutes long so well worth a watch and it includes practical examples of WhatsApp and the other apps in use in a retail context.   We hope you enjoy the webinar and would love to hear any questions or comments you have on it.

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August 6th @ 2 PM (GMT+1)

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